*** January, 2011

Starting a political campaign from scratch was quite a learning experience.   I did not have an organized party or infrastructure, or money to hire the jobs out, so it was a lot of work!  I have decided to keep this website going as a  place for public service announcements as we continue our work.   I refuse to limit my efforts to only one way to get things done, so will continue with direct action, non-profit work volunteering and organizing, as well as political action as a tool to promote our Green Party goals.  Please join us! Check our Lake County Greens Calendar for upcoming events:


*** November 2010

The campaign is over, unfortunately we did not accomplish this particular goal.  But what an honor it was to meet so many people who share our concerns with the state of our government affairs!  Thanks to everyone who helped.  Our work is not done. Keep calm and carry on!***

*** June 2010

It seems to me many politicians don’t say anything. They rarely take a clear position on specific issues, or when they do it’s a meaningless sound bite.    As a voter I have frequently wished the candidates would make it easier to get to know them– who they are, what they are really about, what they stand for.  Thank you for taking your valuable time to find out about your choices.  I welcome your contact and want to hear your concerns.  Please contact me if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with.

Yours truly,

Cheryl Wolfe

Polson, MT

This website is paid for by Vote Cheryl Wolfe, Mike Kuhlmann Treasurer, 608 16th Ave E, Polson, MT 59860   —-    406-270-7554


Biographical information:

Name: Cheryl Wolfe

Office sought: Montana House District #11

Political party: Green Party

Birthdate: 06/17/1964

Hometown: Polson, Montana

Family –Husband, Mike, night housekeeping supervisor at St. Luke’s Hospital

–Son, Sean, student at Flathead Valley Community College,

–Son, Colin, Polson High School 2010 graduate,

–Daughter, Seven Wolfe, 1st grade student

Occupation: Accountant

Employment history: I am a CPA and have worked in private industry accounting as a controller, accounting manager, and consultant for companies involved in manufacturing, retail, heavy highway construction, mining, insurance, personal services, recreation and resort area management. My clients have included colleges and non-profits. In nearly all assignments I’ve been responsible for tax and regulatory compliance and benefits administration implementation, so I am intimately familiar with the realities of costs and difficulties imposed by government, as well as the realities of pay, benefits, and taxes paid by Montana citizens. My specialty is accounting information systems technology and my favorite challenge is how to make the most useful technology and systems affordable for smaller businesses.

Education: GED, 1983, — Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Cum Laude, Western States College of Colorado, 1995 –further self-study to prepare for the CPA exam passed in 1996, 2 years of supervised experience required for the Permit to Practice completed in 1998, 40 hours of continuing professional education annually since then in the subjects of accounting, auditing, tax, business law, management, and ethics.

Political experience: Western State College Student Government Association Treasurer 1992-1994  —  Student Government Association Senator, 1992-1993

Community and professional involvement: I have volunteered for Plant a Row for the Hungry, the Flathead Reservation Human Rights Coalition, Montana Human Rights Network, PTA, Safe Harbour and Planned Parenthood.  In addition to serving on various boards and working on special projects, I have donated accounting and computer help to low-income persons. I have a long history of commitment to the community, beginning with certification as an EMT in 1989 to qualify for volunteer ambulance service and as a rural area first responder, served two years of cross-walk duties at Linderman school in rain, snow, sleet or shine, continue to grow fresh vegetables for donations to Loaves and Fishes, and recently helped set up communications for community gardens planning in Polson.

Campaign website: www.votecherylwolfe.org


1. Budget. In these tough economic times we must use our limited resources in the most efficient manner for long-term benefit. My goal is to protect and support our most vulnerable peoples, children and education, small and local businesses, and prevent the wholesale sell-off of our public resources for short-term private gain.

2. Jobs. We must promote jobs for the long-term benefit in the new clean energy economy. Our legislators must promote the education and infrastructure that will allow us new options.

3. People over Corporate Power.  We must limit and undo the growth of corporate power, where artificially-created legal entities have more rights and more influence than natural-born human citizens.

October 14, 2010–Flathead Lake

I am so thankful to have this opportunity to speak with you today, so I could tell you a little bit about the Green Party.

Some people may think we are just a bunch of radical environmentalists—but in fact, we hold the truly conservative position regarding our environment, which is: it isn’t enough to takes steps to clean up the mess AFTER environmental nastiness, degradation and pollution occurs, but to be truly responsible to our present and future generations as our constitution REQUIRES, we must take steps ahead of time to protect our priceless clean and healthful environment, our sparkling clean water and fresh air.

In fact the Montana Supreme Court when interpreting our constitution, analyzed the discussion and debate at the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention, the Court determined that it was the clear intent of the participants and referred to the words of our very own Judge McNeil, then delegate McNeil, when discussing how Articles IX’s subsections were related: “It goes further than that and directs the Legislature to provide remedies to prevent degradation.  This is anticipatory.”

This is anticipatory and preventive.

For example, our Flathead Lake is in danger from invasive species right now, and we all know that if we do not prevent those invasive plants and animals from getting in, we will pay much more down the line.

This is a perfect example of, as my mother used to tell me, a stitch in time saves nine.  Just as putting a stitch to strengthen a weak seam can prevent a much bigger repair job down the road, a little farsighted protection now is the efficient and cost-effective thing to do and will save much more expense later.

We cannot throw up our hands and say, “the government must be smaller” and “we have too many rules,” and “we can’t afford to fund these preventive measures.”  No—it is our duty, the duty of the state, and the citizens of this state—to do what is necessary, to be truly conservative, to do what is constitutional, to do what is needed to protect our priceless resources.

The Green Party is not just about the environment, however, we are also determined to protect our human resources, our people, our elders, our children, our veterans, by protecting our schools, our hospitals, and our other public services and structures.

We do not take contributions from corporations or PACS.

I need your vote.

Thank you!



1. Projections indicate the state budget faces a 10 percent shortfall. To adjust for that difference, what expenses would you cut or what, if any, tax increases or new taxes would you support? Please be specific.

Since 2003 the collapsing tax brackets of SB407 cost about $100,000,000 that we need to maintain our schools, roads, and natural resources for the future well-being of Montana families. Most benefit went to those earning more than $500,000/yr.  Let’s address the capital gains tax credit also. It’s not fair that nurses, mechanics, firefighters, policemen, teachers, and people who clean floors have higher tax rates on their earnings than those enjoyed by the wealthiest on investments earnings.  The working people subsidized the rich, and the lie that tax cuts for the wealthy lead to more jobs has proven false.

2. Drunken driving killed 91 people last year in Montana, an average of one every four days. Can or should the Legislature write new laws designed to reduce that number? If so, what should they be? And if not, why not?

It is inexcusable that we have people being killed while others are being convicted of their 10th DUI. There are many ways we could make the roads safer for everyone, starting with incentives for required training in liability and intervention procedures by servers of alcohol and increased public transportation.  I would support increased penalties for subsequent DUI convictions with measures against institutional discrimination, but I would really like to see a focus on prevention, treatment, and the root causes of not just the drunk driving, but the alcoholism, depression, and suicide so prevalent in our state.

3. What should be the top priorities for Montana for energy or natural resource development? What specifically can or should the state do, to achieve those priorities?

We need to look at what we want to see in 50 years, and take steps now that will get us there.  Wind and solar, efficiency and conservation are the goals I will work towards. Let’s look to the future with solar roads that *are* the grid, and high-speed rail. And let’s manufacture the parts here.

4. An interim legislative committee is writing proposed revisions to Montana’s 2004 citizen-passed medical marijuana law. Do you think changes need to be made? If not, why not? And if so, what specific changes would you advocate?

I don’t agree that growing or using marijuana should be criminal offenses any more than the use of alcohol or tobacco.  I would consider any changes to the current medical marijuana law with a focus on scientific evidence and personal freedom.

5. Name the first piece of legislation you would seek to pass, and why.

One thing I want to work for is “instant run-off” or “ranked” voting.  It’s not a sexy issue but I am tired of constantly having to vote for the lesser of two evils and ranked voting would empower “we the people” to vote for the people we truly believe could do the best job.  My primary goal will be to limit the damage done by the big money political influences.  The wealthy and corporate powers have no shortage of legislators looking out for their interests, but I want ALL the people to be considered fairly.


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Carey Campbell October 11, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Cheryl & Mike,

Thank you for your courage to run for office as Green Party candidate.

Wish you great success.


Georganne Hampton August 3, 2010 at 10:40 pm

I wish you lived here so I could vote for you!


Cathy Billie June 18, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for taking responsibility and running for office.
Love your site and the video!


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